Know if Your Vehicle's Exhaust is Leaking

There are some signs that you can notice that hint at a leaking exhaust system. You should look for those signs when driving your vehicle so that you will catch this issue before it becomes a big problem.

If you hear a certain kind of noise, that could be a hint that your exhaust system is leaking and in need of help. If you hear a hissing or popping sound when your vehicle's engine is running, you may be faced with an issue. If you notice that you are not getting the gas mileage with your vehicle that you are used to, you may have a leaking exhaust system.

The service center here at Diffee Lincoln can look at the exhaust system in your vehicle and figure out if it is leaking or not. Our team will provide you with excellent care when you bring your vehicle to our El Reno location for help with caring for it.

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