Signs Your Ignition is Going Bad: Get It Fixed Fast

Ignition switches can fail over time, but in most cases, it is a manufacturer's defect or a problem with your key. If your car is suddenly stalling or not starting at all, you can check the lights on your dash and do a few tests with your ignition to see what the problem might be.

If you start by putting your key into the ignition, does your switch turn all the way? Do any lights come on? If you are able to turn the key and lights come on, but the engine doesn't turn over, you could actually have an issue with your starter. In other cases, it could be that your ignition isn't connecting to the fuel system properly.

In both cases, you should get the ignition checked out by a professional. The mechanics at Diffee Lincoln are extremely helpful and provide great service rates for things like ignition problems, starters, battery issues, and brakes.



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