Soft Brakes Could Mean One of Five Different Problems

If you've begun to notice that your brake pedal isn't as responsive and has a soft feel when you push down, then you might need to replace something on your brake system. It takes a little to pin down what, exactly, is wrong with a brake, though. To help give you some ideas, here are a few common reasons that your brake would have a spongy feel.

There could be something wrong with the brake lines, namely air in the brake lines or damage to the line, itself. Corroded brake calipers will also cause the brakes to leak fluid, causing a soft feel to the brake pedal. A corroded wheel cylinder or a master cylinder can cause a brake fluid leak, as well.

If you're concerned about a soft feeling to your brake pedal, come to our service center at Diffee Lincoln in El Reno, OK, and one of our technicians will diagnose and fix the problem for you.

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