Differential Fluid Needs Regular Changing

Your car’s differential system is the last stop for the power that your motor generates before it is transferred to your vehicle's tires. If a car didn’t have a differential system you would either need a separate small engine for each individual tire, or you would experience stripping, grinding, and poor handling. Because the system uses a series of gears and drive shafts, it needs heavy lubrication to operate properly. This is why it important to have your differential fluid checked and replaced regularly at our service center at Diffee Lincoln.

The differential system consists of a series of pinions and gears located on the front and rear axle. Depending on the direction of turning, either side of the differential system may activate and reduce the amount of torque being sent to that respective wheel. This achieved by activating that pinion and running the power through a series of gear changes to reduce the torque. This is a very intense, metal on metal, mechanical action, and as such requires lubrication in the form of differential fluid.

Over time, heat and stress break down the fluid and greatly reduce its effectiveness. Before a lack of lubrication causes much more costly damage bring your car into our El Reno, OK location for service today.

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