The impressive body styles combined with the plush interiors are some of the many reasons why the Lincoln MKT remains a popular full-sized luxury vehicle. Yet, the 3.5L V6 engine delivers 365 horsepower. However, the innovative engineering and technological features enable the MKT to provide a capable and efficient driving experience.

Choose from comfort, normal or sport mode to get the power and performance you desire or to enhance fuel economy. The cruise control is adaptive, which means you need to merely set the desired speed and the MKT does the rest. When traffic impedes your current speed, the vehicle automatically slows to blend in with other vehicles. However, when traffic resumes speed, the MKT accelerates too. When in the market for a luxury car, you will not go wrong with the Lincoln MKT. Stop in and see our models at Diffee Lincoln. Go for a test drive today.



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