Does your dog seem uncomfortable riding in your vehicle despite how much you enjoy taking him with you down the road? Perhaps you need to make your vehicle more dog-friendly so you can both relax and enjoy the trip. Come to Diffee Lincoln and allow us to keep you informed on how to provide a dog-friendly vehicle for your dog.

Dogs can bring in a lot of dirt and debris, so try to get all-season floor mats and seat covers. I also find leather seats to be very easy to keep clean. Dogs feel the heat more than we do and will benefit from a vehicle with backseat climate control. Getting in and out of the vehicle, as well as on and off the seat, is easier with vehicles that have low backseats and liftover gates.

If you’re still not sure what constitutes a dog-friendly vehicle, stop at our shop in El Reno, talk to our staff, check out our dog-friendly supplies and take a vehicle out for a fun test drive.


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