If you’ve ever turned the steering wheel on your vehicle only to find your vehicle not going exactly where you expected, you’ve probably experienced oversteer or understeer. Both of these can be problematic and even dangerous on slippery roads or when they occur unexpectedly. Our team of professionals at Diffee Lincoln are available to help you and provide advice on dealing with oversteering and understeering.

Oversteer is when you turn the steering wheel a certain degree but the car turns more than you turned it. Understeer, which is just the opposite, occurs when the vehicle doesn’t turn as sharply as you’d hoped. Oversteering and understeering tend to occur more frequently with certain vehicles. For instance, oversteer is more likely to occur with rear-wheel drive vehicles, while front-wheel drive vehicles often experience understeer.

If you’re having concerns about your vehicle experiencing either of these conditions, stop at our dealership in El Reno and test drive a vehicle.


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