A wheel alignment restores the angle of your four wheels to an optimal ratio for smooth handling and greater efficiency. Your manufacturer specifies the frequency with which you should get a wheel alignment for your make and model. However, daily pounding on the roads in El Reno and beyond can necessitate a wheel alignment sooner than your vehicle manufacturer suggests. Here's how to spot the telltale signs of misaligned wheels.

Signs You Need a Wheel Alignment

Uneven tire wear is a common symptom of misaligned wheels. Wheel misalignment inadvertently puts uneven pressure on front and back wheels, causing them to erode at different speeds. Other signs include a front end that shakes inexplicably, lane drifting even when you're trying to drive straight and, conversely, a steering wheel that remains crooked even when you're actually driving straight.

The Three Key Angles

During a wheel alignment at Diffee Lincoln, one of our factory-trained service techs measures and corrects three angles: caster, camber and toe. Correction of these angles to your vehicle manufacturer's specifications eliminates the above-mentioned driver issues and ensures longevity for your vehicle overall. Drive by our dealership today to confirm your vehicle's optimal wheel alignment.



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