Vehicle history reports are important documents to potential car owners because they provide some very important details about the vehicles. Dealerships, lenders and potential owners use them because the information they provide can prevent the sale of a bad vehicle. At Diffee Lincoln, we use vehicle history reports and would like to share this information with our customers. Here’s what you can expect to see on a vehicle history report.
• Past and present owners of the vehicle
• Vehicle identification number
• Accident and title history
• Any liens on the vehicle
• Any indications that the vehicle was labeled a “lemon”
• Odometer reading as well as alerts on rollback
• Standard and safety features in the vehicle
• How and where the vehicles were owned and operated

In addition to providing the history of a vehicle, vehicle history reports also list any recall work that was done on the vehicle or any that needs to be done. Come to our shop in El Reno to have your recall work done.


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