Service Your Exhaust and Muffler System at Diffee Lincoln

What is the difference between a muffler and an exhaust? The exhaust is the piping that is bolted on to the engine head and goes back towards the muffler. The muffler is piping that comes after the exhaust and out the back of the vehicle to help get rid of toxic hydrocarbons and quiet the sound of the vehicle.

It's important to have a good functioning exhaust system for the following reasons:

  • Better fuel economy
  • Quieter sounding vehicle
  • Better performance
Possible Signs That You Need a Muffler or Exhaust Service

Your exhaust may need to be serviced if your vehicle sounds louder than usual, or if there is a check engine light for a failed O2 sensor or catalytic converter. And if your exhaust is dragging on the ground that is an obvious reason that you should bring it to our dealership in El Reno for a full inspection and repair.


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