Motor oil viscosity ratings are a great way to quickly determine if a particular oil is best for your engine. Motor oil cleans and lubricates engine parts, keeping your engine healthy and efficient. Motor oil thickens and thins as temperatures fall and rise. This thickening and thinning can compromise engine activity.

A viscosity rating of 10W-30 indicates an oil with a viscosity of 10 in winter or when your engine is cold and a viscosity of 30 when your engine is hot. The lower the first number, the less viscosity a particular motor oil has.

To pick motor oil, consult your owner's manual. If you don't have your owner's manual, go with an oil with a low viscosity rating if you live in a cold climate. Go with an oil that is more viscous if you live in a warmer climate. You may also leave your routine oil changes to the experts at our El Reno service department. We aim to take the stress out of your vehicle maintenance.


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