What do motor oil viscosity ratings mean?

Have you checked your owner’s manual for your motor oil viscosity rating? You’ll typically find it under engine oil or under your engine specifications. You always want to use the right viscosity rating for your engine, or your engine may have less fuel economy and degrade in performance over time. Your motor oil rating typically looks like “#W-#” with the numbers representing how viscous the oil is at different temperatures.

The number before the “W” represents how viscous the oil is at freezing temperatures. With a lower number before the W, your motor oil performs better in lower…

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How to Properly Debadge Your Car

If you are interested in removing badges from your current vehicle, then you will need to know how to safely debadge a car. Thankfully, Diffee Lincoln is happy to share some tips on how to complete this process in order to give your vehicle a cleaner, sleeker look.

There are three major steps when it comes to getting badging off of your vehicle. The first step is to use heat in order to sufficiently loosen the badge's adhesive. After you have done this, you will then need a wire in order to actually begin removing the car's current…

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Tips for Cleaning Your Tires

When the rubber meets a rough road, your car tires grab a lot of grime and dirt. They also collect layers of fine shavings from the braking system rotors and dust at the brake pads. But what do you do?
We are advised to clean our tires and wheels regularly to keep them performing at their best.
What is needed?

  • Bucket
  • Hose and Spray nozzle
  • Clean & dry towels
  • Dish soap
  • Baking soda
  • Warm water

Step 1
Prep your job by ensuring you have all the materials needed for the job.
Step 2
Start by rinsing the tires. You will achieve…

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The ABCs of Synthetic Oil

Machine and motor oils make the world go around. They keep our vehicles and machines lubricated, clean and functioning at optimal levels. We use synthetic oil so often, we often wonder what it consists of and what makes it work so well. Our Diffee Lincoln team compiled the follow brief explanation for your info. Take a look.

Synthetic Oil Basics

Synthetic oil may be a fully synthetic recipe or a recipe blending conventional oil with synthetic basestocks. Most often, manufacturers make fully synthetic oil using organic hydrocarbons extracted from modified 


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Ford Explorer Design Features


Available in seven trim levels and two engine options, the three-row Ford Explorer offers more than that. We have eye-catching designs that fit a family SUV. Inside, we have a spacious cabin that comes in two different configurations. You can either choose a six or a seven-seat with two captain chairs or a bench seat option on its second-row seat.


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The Design of Each Ford Ranger Trim

Ford Ranger XL

The 2021 Ford Ranger XL has a practical and completely-functional exterior design. Available in nine exterior colors, the Ranger XL exterior can be outfitted in a variety of ways. A standard 2.3-inch productivity screen in the Ranger XL allows drivers to access relevant driving information comfortably.


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